Off-Grid Home exists to help you achieve your dream of going off-grid. We are enthusiastic about being independent from utilities and believe that, to some degree, independence from the grid can be achieved anywhere.

This site started life when we began to research how to take a home of the grid. We had so many questions and there were very few places that offered answers. There is lots of information out there about off-grid cabins or purpose-built off-grid homes, but less about converting an existing property on a budget.

For us we didn’t need to find land or build a cabin, we wanted to find out about how to become self-sufficient in a suburban or even urban environment. This brings lots of unique challenges; zoning restrictions and consideration for our friends and neighbors mean that every step has to be carefully considered. As a result, we created Off-Grid Home to provide a resource for others following a similar path.

An off-grid home means different things to different people. To us, it means growing as much of the food we eat in our own garden, reducing waste and developing off-grid sources for power and water. It is a process that takes place over several years, it’s not quick or easy but it is an incredible journey.

At Off-Grid Home, you will find loads of useful information, the answers to questions, how-to guides, and a few recommendations as well. We aim to give you the knowledge you need so that you too, can turn your house into an Off-Grid Home.