I’m Tom Russell, a writer at Off-Grid Home. Living self-sufficiently off-grid has always been a dream of mine. I’ve often thought happily about living in the middle of nowhere with my family.

When everyone else packs their shorts and heads to sunny shores, my wife and I get our Winter coats and head off to Iceland, Scotland or Norway. However, despite wanting to live off-grid in that kind of environment, in reality, it just wouldn’t suit our family.

We have two girls under five and a very close wider family who live nearby, so for us, the off-grid dream began to fade. Until a couple of years ago. As I was idly scrolling through websites featuring off-grid cabins and homesteads, it suddenly occurred to me that not everyone has the luxury of a remote cabin or acres of land. Why not just take our existing home off-grid?

Since then, our journey has been exciting, but not easy. When you take any property off-grid, it’s a challenge, but for a suburban home like ours, there are hundreds of practical and legal hoops to jump through. Writing at Off-Grid Home has allowed me to share what I’ve learned and keeps me on my toes with new ideas and developments.